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    We Automate and Optimize Processes

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    We are a team of professionals associated with the
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We began our activities in May 2004 to meet the needs of businesses that understand that, by automating their processes, they gain competitive advantages, while increasing their quality and safety standards, thus directly reducing their production costs and conserving resources and the environment.

Based on the experience of our staff, we have gained a position in the market as a local company with high technical standards, outstanding levels of service and excellent customer support. Validation through a variety of certifications obtained both nationally and internationally has made us a company renowned for providing comprehensive solutions in the automation and optimization of industrial processes, and that is always focused on improving process efficiency, productivity and safety.

We look at the implementation of a wide range of technology to achieve optimum performance in the various processes of an industrial facility, taking into account data acquisition, monitoring, process optimization, and information analysis and management, all under a centralized and comprehensive platform.

The efforts of our staff, and the confidence placed in us by top-level companies in our own country, have enabled us to cross borders and carry out projects in the United States, Chile, Colombia and Bolivia.

To become the leading company in Latin America by the year 2020, developing the Engineering for automating and optimizing industrial processes, aligning our procedures with those of the Integrated Business Management System, and maintaining and developing a competent human team within an open, trusting atmosphere that encourages continuous improvement and permits us to generate high-quality services.
To develop and provide high quality and value added comprehensive solutions in the automation and optimization of industrial processes, aimed at improving efficiency and profitability within the processes, investing in the professionalization of each of our employees and the innovation of our technology, while having a positive effect on the community and the environment.
At V&C Corporation we offer an efficient service that protects the environment at all times. By so doing, we aim to achieve excellent social and environmental performance and create favorable conditions for the development of our activities, achieving our goals by promoting compliance with applicable environmental regulations and their supporting standards.
The health and safety of our employees, strategic partners and all external staff who visit our facilities are of the utmost importance to V&C Corporation. For this reason, we aim to minimize and control all existing occupational hazards, and focus on complying with the existing national and international standards that reinforce our zero injuries and zero accidents approach.


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We foster a culture with high levels of trust, pride and comradeship, which motivate all employees to be role models and examples of good behavior. We also reject any illegal practices that affect the company or prevent fair competition.
We aim to align the aims of each employee with the goals of V&C Corporation, since we are convinced that the company’s success lies in our staff’s commitment to it, and the company’s commitment to its employees.
We believe that punctuality is necessary to imbue the personality of each of our employees with character, order and efficiency, since by fully experiencing the value of punctuality, they are able to carry out more activities, better perform their work and earn the trust of others.
We are committed to fulfilling a variety of needs and expectations, based on the requirements of each customer, and to providing a personalized service with a high level of technical support.
We provide and/or develop services and products to satisfy the unique requirements of each customer.
We implement programs to develop the skills and/or competencies of all our employees, in order to attain a sustainable and committed workforce.
We treat everyone fairly and with respect. We aim to achieve an open and trusting dialog within the company and with our business partners, customers and suppliers. We also encourage our employees to use their potential and creativity to achieve mutual success.
We believe that the ongoing improvement of all company staff, as well as a capacity for innovation, are important factors in consolidating the company’s strengths.
We promote the raising of awareness among all members of staff on issues concerning Safety, Health and the Environment.
We contribute to sustainable economic development by improving the quality of life of our employees and their families, as well as that of the local community and society in general.

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