E ngineering development projects that integrate and modernize industrial processes, including the development of electrical control and power diagrams, and the programming and commissioning of equipment, all on the basis of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), velocity control equipment (Drives) and instrumentation equipment. Control, monitoring and statistical management software applications can also be developed, with the possibility of storing the information, printing it and exchanging information at managerial level.


Automation of Fuel Dispensing System


Implementation of Control System. Dry and wet areas, Mina Gabriela Mistral, Calama, Chile

Southern Perú

Integration of PSI300 with DCS ABB, Cuajone

Petroperú - Conchán Refinery

BNS Burning Management System

Southern Perú

Automation of Fuel Dispensing System

Kimberly Clark

Implementation of Wireless Communication System (Access Point)

Kimberly Clark

Automation of Rotating Filters: PF03, PF04, PF05 and PI01

Southern Perú

Implementation of ControlNet network and redundant processors 
Electrical Rooms 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36

Southern Perú

Implementation of Redundancy for PLCs, ControlLogic Areas 1100 and 1200

Empresa Minera Los Quenuales (Iscaycruz)

Automation of Worthington pumps, Levels 18 and 27 
Limpe Centro and Level 6, Chupa

Southern Perú

Implementation of Bailey DCS as Gateway for Courier analyzer (GE Fanuc PLCs) Cuajone Concentrator

Southern Perú

Implementation of ControlLogix as Gateway for Bailey DCS, Mill 11, Cuajone Concentrator

Petroperú - Conchan Refiney

Migration to Control System and Installation of a new Control Room

Kimberly Clark

Automation of Viola Macchine Adult Diaper Machine

Southern Perú

Installation of ControlLogix as Gateway for Bailey DCS, Primary Crusher

Petroperú - Iquitos Refinery

SCADA for Río Nanay Oil Pipeline (Foxboro DCS and RTU)

Petroperú - Iquitos Refinery

Dispensing and Inventory Control System between Refinery and Sales Site (Foxboro DCS)

Southern Perú

Migration Control System from Secondary Crushers to ControlLogix

Southern Perú

Maintenance of Control System, Concentrator Plant


Automation of Caustic Soda Filter Plant - Foxboro DCS

Williams USA

SCADA, Southwest Energy, United States of America

Southern Perú

Energy Management System

Southern Perú

Advanced PLC Programming Course, Software
RSLogix 5000

BHP Billiton

Automation of Stacking System (Stacker)

Southern Perú

Maintenance of DCS and PLC Control Systems

Southern Perú

Comprehensive PLC Programming Course, Software, RSLogix 5000

Petroperú - Conchan Refinery

Instrumentation Set-up


Asociación Villa Rica Mz. S Lote 1 – Chaclacayo - Lima - Perú



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